Eating Balanced for Life

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Course Summary

You have been looking for the way of eating where you can eat anything and everything, you just need to learn how to build into your menu plan?

Have you tried all diets and fashion trends, yet still hungry and gained the weight back?

Do you have any degenerative disease, diabetes, here disease, high cholesterol, high sugar had stroke, or cardiac episodes?

Do you have poor memory and low energy or feel depressed?

Do you like to have a healthy family and learn how to make balanced eating for your children?

Are you an athlete who is looking for to improve performance?

If yes then this course id for you.

You will learn very simple step by step the basics what you need to know to become your on nutritionist.

Dr Zsu has 3 master and and a PhD, a member of American College of Nutrition as a Certified Nutrition Specialist, –specializes in Blood sugar regulation. With 20 years experience in performance Dr Zsu confidently brings you the most practical, simple and easy way of eating what you can keep for life and enjoy what you eat.

Fitness Practitioner

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Course summary

It’s time to get started moving! Its not easy I know, but with my step-by-step help you can. Become your own personal trainer!

This course will help you to be aquatinted with the basics how to work out in the gym and at home or outdoors safely and effectively, while having maximum fun and benefits.

You will have confidence and tools to exercise anywhere you are.

If you have been hesitant to start exercise as you don’t how, this is your chance to learn step by step. You all understand what is the good form and safe executions for most effective benefits to build a fit, great shaped body and lose fat weight too.

The addition of short nutrition and hydration section will guide you on the best food choices to reach your goals.

Now it’s only you and your willingness needed.