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"After 10 years of working with Zsuzsanna i
maintain my lost weight, have self control, enjoy better health, make
decisions, have higher self-esteem.. I am more aware of what I do and
the implication of my actions…able to help others and see benefits to
lifestyle change.." R Dolinko USA

"My immediate benefits after the
program were improved focus and drive, became more systematic and
positive. After almost a year I continue enjoy good health, and being
mindful, so when I slack off can get back on track fast. I am living a
happy and positive life." CYF Malaysia

"If you are
willing to change your life for the better and seek peace and harmony
now is the opportunity your teacher and guide has done it and was
taught, taught herself, to teach others. She is ready are you? " Tibor
Ernst Switzerland

"hope people take her
seriously?.hope people concern view the vitalness of her profession
impact,hope cost is not the first factor to consider / weight, hope
people take her works as major and urgent rather wait-la attitude.." S Poi Malaysia

"..as an athlete have being working with Dr
Zsuzsanna, she has been teaching me a lots about nutrition etc:
supplement, food intake (calorie) during and after training, race
preparation and after, hydration. with her guide line, tips I still
maintain my food intake and my performance. Nutrition,hydration it’s
work to me, ironman langkawi 2009 cycle 180km in 5hrs 4minute amazing.
Iron man langkawi 2010 10hrs 44 min!!!…if they say "not time to attend
the seminar", i not say I’m the best, but i have time to meet my Dr
Zsuzsanna and i have to train 4 discipline a day.." Dino Mohd

Our best experience is to see how
the choices of words and the positive approaches technique works and
seeing the changes taking place in our athletes… R. Sculy National U15 Coach Football Association of Malaysia

"…and would you believe that, this is actully a resting pose to practice breathing where I recover my body and brain" JPG Australia